How TTN - LoRaWAN c-o-u-l-d be used for medical purposes!

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 18-03-2018

Just a sunday morning idea from Berlin:

Documentation of subjective patients breathing quality.

Ad one (blinking) RGB - LED as a reminder for the patient at a given time to press one of the 5 breathing quality buttons. Could be automated - also recognizing "trends".
Even if the patient doesn't notice it (that's my personal experience)... some sort of "predictive medical maintenance"............ esp. 4 children with asthma!

Changing to a red blinking... that cries: Make a consultation of your doctor soon or call your mom!

Such a device could be useful for a lot of other usecases also, e.g. revival of "televoting" ...

Btw. : It's pure coincidence, that the shape of the device remembers me to TTN cloud :)