Interview: wienke (CEO) @ McKinsey

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 18-11-2021


"Data, measured by a sensor may end up in a dashboard in a little graph, but our experience is that when that happens, it’s really a sign of failure. Success is when that data point ends up in a business process,.."

Wienke Giezeman: When we started our initiative, we saw two obstacles: the market is highly fragmented, and it is still very hard to build an end-to-end IoT solution. We thought that this market can only be solved by an ecosystem approach, so we created The Things Network to offer all of the tools you need to build the initial solution on an open-source basis. We tried to make sure that we provide all the tools and intellectual property [IP] you need to build your first proof of concept successfully. We call that a zero-to-one phase—you have an idea that you develop into a device that can be brought to production.

Then the second phase is one-to-a-million. We do that with The Things Industries, where we help companies with the tools and IP that they need to put their device into production, build out their LoRaWAN networks, and scale to a million devices. We contribute to the ecosystem by helping players scale their solutions, and our business model is we only make money when our customers make money.


".....We believe LoRaWAN will become a connected network of private networks supported by nationwide LoRaWAN public networks as a backup. This will all be secured by end-to-end application-level encryption. We already see that partner ecosystem around logistics emerging, where different private networks are shared across a transport supply chain to forward data from trackers embedded in goods."