New TTN gateway @ former Tempelhof Airfield Berlin


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Posted on 20-12-2017

The TTN "mapping taxi" is still loradriving, "24/5 a week" looking for unknown gateways in the city of Berlin ;-) ....

Today, at 19:00 h CET, it discovered a new gateway, indicating that it resides on top of the building of formlery "Tempelhof Airport Berlin".
On technically aspcects, it seems, that it could be a "Laird RG1xx", because the initial coordinates of these gateways are always pointed to Africa, as all Laird gateways do, using default configurations.

Name: THF FF Berlin Gateway (eui-caffeebabedeadbe)
Owner: Unknown owner
Altitude (m): 78
Placement: outdoor
Brand: Not specified
Model: Not specified
Antenna model: Not specified

[update Dez 20th, 2017, from Gerhard Peter]
You are nearby. But: it's one of those 6 new TSB sponsored gateways on the old Tempelhof Airfield Area. It's a "Lorix one". But doesn't matter. It will enrich the Berlin LoRaWAN gateway mix and is No 28, as of today.
You are welcome, little new one....