New, very small LoRaWAN gateway constructed by Will (Taiwan)

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 04-03-2021

Very talented Will W. from Taiwan has released an extraordinary small pre-production version of his new low power consuming LoRaWAN concentrator, based on Semtechs SX1303, that indeed has been crunched to the size of an Adafruit Feather Wing. Really awesome.

First publications can be seen @github

It's really fascinating.

Once ready, this project will open new dimensions of usecases.

E.g. drone based ( flying, mobile gateways for Search And Rescue Operations in the Alps, so very large areas could be searched in a very short time span....... just dreaming.

BOM (Mouser)

Imagine, if a big router producer will decide to integrate them into it's portfolio.....