Not only community - also coverage, too! Now there are 8 active TTN concentrators in Berlin-City.

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 25-04-2017

This weekend was obviously a busy one, at least for some of our members. TTN - network Berlin is growing. Not fast, but constantly. And that's the point!

As you will notice, today we have 8 TTN - gateways online, serving our "little local" community. One yr ago, there were zero, niente, nada TTN gateways in this place. In contradiction to profit based enterprises, we cannot guarantee 100% functionality all time. But as a community based LPWAN we appreciate each contribution enlarging our network. So, everybody is wellcome to join us, integrating his gateway into the Berlin community. The more we have, the more we can serve all!

Remember! Berlin has about 3.500.000 inhabitants and each of them is a potential future and happy TTN - customer ..... :)

It's a mixture between big outdoor and -not so big- indoor service points.

That's really great.

Thank you for your public service and 4 contributing to this great global project!

Let's see, what will happen