Oops, Berlin now got a maximum of 108 registered TTN gateways

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 10-02-2019

Our goal for Berlin, until 31.12.2019, is, as you might have noticed, 200 TTN gateways. Registered or on-line. We think, this goal is a really realistic one.

Now TIG s are uprising, next week. Register there, pls, to get immediate, individual and detailled release information: eepurl.com/ggJgEr.

We believe, the first TIG bunch will be sold out in minutes, because of huge global demand..... so, hurry up :) - because price is only about 60 € and the quality is superb, as reported everywhere by nerds.....

Some further explanations, received by our customer happyness division:
Each TIG has an outdoor radius of about 380 meters, as reported by @bahnhofsoma in Frankfurt.
So it's covering about 453645 m2 or 0,453645979 km2.
Population density in Berlin is about: 4.052 people/km2.
So, each new TIG in Berlin will (statistically) cover about 0,453645979 * 4052 = 1838 people. Right?