Probably the smallest LoRa concentrator worldwide - Murata LBAA0ZZ1 - 55mm x 21mm x 3.4mm

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 09-11-2018

Visitors to electronica at Messe München from November 13th to 16th, 2018 can see the module exhibited on the Murata booth in Hall C4 Stand 141.

"Murata announce LBAA0ZZ1QM (US) & LBAA0ZZ1TY (EU) LoRa Pico Gateway 14-pin metal-shielded module. Supporting eight channels and available in two variants for use in either EU or US ISM bands, this ultra compact module measures just 55.0 mm x 21.0 mm x 3.4 mm and is believed to be the world’s smallest LoRaWAN gateway module. Designed as a single substrate low cost module that can enable the fast provision of low data rate LoRa radio links, the module comprises a Semtech SX1308 transceiver concentrator capable of managing packets from many remotely dispersed end-points, two Semtech SX1257 highly integrated RF front end I/Q transceivers and an STMicroElectronics STM32F401 Arm Cortex M4 microcontroller. A Skyworks RF front-end multi-chip module provides antenna matching, receiver pre-amplifier and transmitter final stage function."

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Murata has announced the LBAA0ZZ1QM (US) & LBAA0ZZ1TY (EU) LoRa Pico Gateway 14-pin metal-shielded module.

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Wienke Giezeman, founder and CEO of The Things Network, commented "Murata understands the future of LoRaWAN very well by providing an easy way for any router, set top box and base station makers to offer LoRaWAN in their products in a very easy way. We are very happy to partner with them to bring the complete solution to the market."