e-survey: Production request for zCoin, a very simple "LoRa Button" using cutting edge technologies - There are no obligations of course!

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 04-02-2019

Are you potentially interested in a very simple and cheap LoRa Button, using cutting edge technologies, e.g. MicroChip SAM R34/35, combined with a button cell (e.g. like CR2032/4) for 1st experimental experiences, for workshops for beginners, for students, for universities and for a lot of others? We think, there is a huge, worldwide, demand in simple solutions, explainign the principle of LoRa technologies.

No sensors inside, no GPS inside, nothing but a button, so no energy hungry equipment, may last for years. And it will be as cheap as possible. - We will not do a kickstarter, but something similar.

The upcoming device maybe round, like a 2 € piece,... and a little bit thicker than that coin, naturally. We call it zCoin. Gerhard Peter, from TTN Community Berlin, will be the godfather of this project...

Take part in our e-survey! AND: there are NO obligations of course. Just an idea....it will take only 3 minutes of your time. Thank you!

Follow this link, pls: https://www.esurveycreator.com

This project will be realised (hopefully) in cooperation with our hungarian friends: www.zane.hu .