DIY: Monitoring Berlin smartmeter data via LoRaWAN / TTN to webserver

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 04-03-2019

This is really a very interesting 1st approach, gratefully offered to community by Niels, with respect to building automation and especially future smart grid applications , using TTN and not a proprietary, closed shop network.. Do we remember, that smart grid applications were in focus first, as prefered usecases of this technology?

Adding the new TTIG (or TTOG) (78 €, all costs included), this may start the r(e)volution....

This little device collects data packages from a smartmeter via the IR-interface and transmits them in regular periods via LoraWan/The Things Network (TTN) to a private webserver (or any other integration, like Cayenne, etc.).
It's battery powered with standby consumption of ~50-100µA.

The software is quite quick and dirty and at the hardware amateur level.

The project was mainly meant to be a "proof of concept".
Niels wanted to check out, if LoRaWAN is able to transmit smart meter readings within a metal container in the basement, behind, at least, four walls of massive ferro-concrete.
And hey, it worked.................. :-)