Smart. Intelligent. LoRaWAN. Lock. - with 2way authentication using CubeCell from HelTec

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 04-09-2020

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What do you think about this cool idea of mine, about a smart, LoRaWAN based, lock, with integrated 2-way authentification, using only your smartphone and SMS/e-mail?

But beware about the evil "man in the middle!" Hmmm. Really? Where will the middle be, there? No htmls involved.... so no phising.

It could be realized simply with the new Heltec CubeCell SoC module. And some backend server php_script. That's all.

Couldn't it? Contact me: if you want to discuss further.

You may protect doors, paket deliveries and quite a lot of things more.

Have a look at the complete here.

Gerhard Peter
Initiator of TTN Community Berlin
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