some sort of new TTN "airtraffic control": Berlin --> 320 km distance - watching a commercial flight

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 03-03-2019

This is really awesome.
Following a commercial aeroplane during it's flight from A#dam to Asia.

The signal distance from Berlin was about 320 km, and the LoRa Signal has been catched here in Berlin simultaneously by three gateways: Beuth University (LorixOne), Central Railway Station of DB (Kerlink) and FOKUS/Fraunhofer (LorixOne).
Hmmm... but this experiment was obviously not allowed, in terms of law.

Maybe it's a predecessor project of some sort of new Euro-Air-Control :) ??

We should make this legal and also commercial.... so, that it cannot ever be switched off... remember flight MH370 and all those other ones.

Btw: All SF7/125