The fun has started! - "The Things Indoor Gateways (TTIG)" are multiplying now like hell!

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 26-08-2019

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Today this is big news.

It really took a long time, because announced market entry of the fabulous "The Things Indoor Gateway" (TTIG) has been postponed again and again. But, in the beginning of last week, all the doors were opened and a first batch of TTN gateways flooded the IoT market. They now appear in the global TTN - IoT - network, one after the other. See pictures in this blog post.

Now the dream will come true, we firmly believed in for about 3 yrs.
And another chapter of this Amsterdam success story has started these days - and no one will be able to stop this.

Each high quality TTIG gateway will enlarge the global coverage by ~ 78 square kilometers.

It can be ordered by you at rs-components online oder other local suppliers for the European 868 MHz market. The price is really unbeatable. It will cost only about 85 €. That's lower than the half of the price of comparable products available today in market.

You may place your order here.

Other frequencies will follow... soon!