TTIG: moving from V2 -> V3

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 03-07-2021


Good news:
TTIG claiming is now enabled in the V3 Console.

For details, see this page on our documentation site , but
****here is a quick summary of the steps to claim your TTIG on V3:

Make sure your TTIG is not yet registered on V3. The claiming process will register it for you.

If you did already register your gateway on V3, you can delete it, but then you’ll have to choose a different Gateway ID for the claiming process.

Find the EUI of your TTIG. This should be printed on the sticker on your gateway.
The EUI starts with 58A0CB, then on some stickers there’s FFFE (if it’s not, just imagine it’s there), and the EUI ends with 80.

Find the WiFi password of your TTIG.
This should also be printed on the sticker.

Go to and select the V3 cluster you want to use.

Enter the Gateway EUI.

For Claim authentication code, enter the WiFi password of your TTIG.

Choose a Gateway ID.
You can’t use a gateway ID that is (or was) already registered on V3.

Select the frequency plan you want to use on your gateway.

Click Claim gateway.

Keep your fingers crossed and hope that everything works.

If claiming was successful, now either wait (up to 24 hours) for your gateway to reload or unplug your gateway, wait a couple of seconds and then plug it back in.

If your The Things Indoor Gateway was sold by (either directly or via
The Things Network may not be able to claim your gateway on the upstream server, because your gateway may already have been claimed by the Alpha-Omega network. We currently don’t have a solution for this, but we’ll reach out to Alpha-Omega and Semtech to see how we can resolve this for you.
Until then, your The Things Indoor Gateway will just stay connected to V2, and traffic for V3 devices will be forwarded through Packet Broker.