TTN Community Berlin is developing a simple and very affordable ADD-ON for conventional mousetraps

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 25-02-2021

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Yeah, we know. There are a lot of low hanging fruit devices, especially in the mousetrap market. - But: with this highly sophisticated mousetrap ADD-ON, you will be able to turn every conventional, wooden based mousetrap into a smart one - only within 2 minutes.

Based on TTN LoRaWAN of course. We hope, this idea will lead to much more TTN gateways here and also elsewhere.

This -very affordable- ADD-ON solution will "revolutionize" of course standarad mousetraps, being more hygienic, very easy to handle, hazzle-free with no blinking blingbling, no mechanical work but always beeing informed about the status. Be excited!

It probably will be a "soonicorn" .... hahahah...

soon coming more.....