TTN has a new partner: TH Wildau intends to join TTN Community Berlin

Gerhard Peter

Initiator of TTN Berlin and Community Happyness Manager

Posted on 11-01-2019

We are happy to announce, that TH Wildau, Technical University of Applied Sciences (located in Brandenburg) today told us, that they soon will join TTN Community Berlin whilst providing new TTN gateways on uni campus.

Thank you for selecting TTN as your prefered IoT Radio Network! This is really awesome!

More than 3.500 students will soon have total access to all beneficial features of the great TTN System @no cost. We believe, they all will be happy to be able developing their own usecases.
Even more, we could expect, that a bunch of students (hopefully many) will also install TTN gateways in their living areas, so TTN will increase a lot more.