TTN - IoT - LoRaWAN Umbrella Gateway No. 4 @ altitude of about 55 meters [Telekom Innovation Laboratories - Smart City ]

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 12-01-2018

[15.01.2018 update: Das erste Lebenszeichen auf zeigt eine urbane Reichweite von ca. 3,15 km gen Westen . Not bad!]

From today next umbrella TTN gateway will cover the western part of Berlin City (height ca 55 meters), located in the so called "Telefunken-Hochhaus", belonging to *Technical University of Berlin*. Now we will get some more friends @ Berlin universities. This will help to spread IoT in Berlin, making the city "smart".

This building is about 80 meters high and in the 60's it has been the highest one in Berlin. If you know a skyscraper in Berlin, whose owner is interested in putting Berlin forward, let us know. Thank you. There are still some nice ones in my mind - like Walldorf Astoria , isn't it? :)....

Btw, the gateway is operated by Telekom Innovation Laboratories - Smart City inside... so, pls cross your fingers... that Telekom will change their mind, or at least will just think about an add-on of their IoT portfolio... perhaps integrating a concentrator chip in at least one of their speedport routers... very cheap!

TTN rocks and speeds up.