update: Alles für die Katz - Ein grosser Sprung für Deine Katze - ein kleiner technologischer Schritt vorwärts

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 06-04-2021

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update 2:
Meanwhile, we extensively tested the new charging IC - module delivered by TI. And: it worked according to datasheet specs, as it should do! Great! It's not a chip, it's a complete little,intelligent charging computer.

Now it also works without LiPo, only using USB - C energy feeding. Especially it recognices also deeply discharged and protected LiPo's, that has been a little problem before, while testing.
Next: optimizing reach with new fractus antenna, rebranded as ignion now, while defining optimal additionals components, e.g. SMD coil.

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update 1:

Today we succeded in finishing revision D of our low power LoRaWAN based microtracker, called cattracker. But this will be much more than a pure cattracker.

Tataa, and here is our little surprise:

This new world class product of german engineering ingenuity will also include a BOSCH BMA400 3D-accelerometer, high precision thermometer and a very low energy step counter , by default of course, with no additional costs.
Thus a lot of very new usecases will become reality soon, e.g. some applications in the medical field (wearing sensors) by using activity parameters to control clinical processes:

This picture shows, that BMA400 has been recognized successfully by SoC.

Just to get some impression, we show you here the back side of PCB:

Now, we are measuring radio range..... soon to come here.