UVC Sensor (220-280 nm): GUVC-T21GH - Sehr spannend, zB für Corona assoziierte LoRaWAN usecases!

Gerhard Peter

Initiator of TTN Berlin and Community Happyness Manager

Posted on 19-06-2020

UVC Click is an ultraviolet sensing board based on GUVC-T21GH ultraviolet sensor from GenUV, capable of measuring UVC spectrum in the range of 220nm up to 280nm and light intensity from 0mW/cm² up to 9.3mW/cm². With high sensitivity and good solar blindness, it can be a perfect solution for monitoring sterilization lamps used in ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI), a disinfection method that is becoming an essential tool in the battle against viruses and bacteria.