Weihnachtsgeschichte 2018: Über Rudolph, dem "reindeer" & LoRaWAN : Ein faszinierender "usecase" in Lappland/Finnland

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 21-12-2017

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Ein wirklich wahres Wintermärchen

"The Association has now begun working with Finnish communications provider Digita to create a solution for tracking the reindeer remotely. Actility’s customer Digita began rolling out its LoRaWAN network in Finland just over a year ago, mounting gateways on the company’s existing television masts to achieve very long-range coverage. Beginning with Finland’s cities and industrial areas, the rollout now covers the remote forests of Lapland."


"The herders discovered that putting trackers on “alpha female” reindeer was the best way of locating the herd as whole. The trackers use GPS satellite signals to determine their location, but communicate that location to Digita’s gateways over low power LoRaWAN. This maximizes the battery life, and reduces costs since there’s no need for cellular subscriptions for every device."


“The combination of the latest IoT technology with hundreds of years of tradition is unique in our experience. And it’s a great experiment with much wider implications – if you can track reindeer in those conditions, then you can track anything, anywhere.”


"For example, our mapping and visualisation software comes from Mapitare, a Finnish start-up that began creating offline-enabled maps for the emergency services.”"