Where are all the gateways in Berlin - are they sleeping?

Gerhard Peter

Initiator of TTN Berlin and Community Happyness Manager

Posted on 03-05-2018

"keep yr gw always ONLINE initiative", started today

In Berlin, today there are 64 registered gateways. These are a lot. Thank you for participating in TTN. But they are only useful and beneficial, if they serve to the community.

Status of today morning was: [64|36|28] - so, sleeping status of nearly 50 % of all registered gateways is not really useful for community driven TTN. This is a relative high number. There may be a lot of different reasons for sleeping we know about.

But: if possible, we would like you to check your personal gateway today and turn it ON again! Thank you!

What are YOUR reasons for being off-line today?

Pls, tell us: lorawan.berlin@gmail.com. Thank you.