zDash - A very new and simple LoRaWAN button (with integrated accelerometer)

Gerhard Peter


Posted on 04-08-2019

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Is now available in webshop made by www.zane.hu

The device can be used in several areas where a simple message can be a useful information:

  • alarm calling for eldery people
  • alarm calling in medical usecases
  • product refilling needed (some sort of former AmazinDash)
  • towel replacement needed in hotels
  • wireless dorbell, the message will arrive at your mobile phone
  • parcel arrival
  • detection if a door or a window has been opened
  • to warn, if luggage is touched in some way at an airport

Using zDash Button in combination with GoggleHome is also possible to send a message:

LINK to Video

This has been an idea created by Berlin TTN Community, and Zoltan in Hungary (www.zane.hu) kindly catched the idea and did it. Great! Thx!

It has been designed especially for your first LoRa, LoRaWAN experiments, workshops, lectures and so on. It can also serve tons of other multiple purposes. You are no longer dependant from instable breadboard experiments, when leaving the workshop....

We will test it further and report the results here.

Esp. our experiences with the inbuilt 3-axis accelerometer, that could extend possibilities @large.

Gerhard Peter
Initiator and
Community Happyness Manager