TTN Bishkek event

Doug Grier

The Things Network User

Posted on 12-10-2019

On 3 October 2019 TTN Bishkek held its first event to introduce IoT, LoRa and of course TTN to Bishkek.

The event was well attended with about 20 participants, mainly from various organisations dealing with environment and socioeconomic development.

After an initial explanation about what LoRa is and the benefits it can bring, we showed a live demonstration from a gateway and sensor which was set up in the office.

Even more exciting, we were able to show a live feed from an alpine cabin in the Swiss alps which was able to communicate with a public gateway over 10km away. As Kyrgyzstan is a very mountaneous country this example really was powerful.

There was a great discussion afterwards regarding potential uses for this technology, everything from highway weigh scales to avalanche alerts and highway road condition warnings.

It is clear that there is a great interest for this technology here, and as we move ahead to get allocated frequencies (European) we expect that there will be a pretty good uptake of this here.

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