Mapping Coverage of The Things Stack Boise

Michael Travis

The Things Network User

Posted on 27-07-2022

Happy Wednesday Boise,

A Lot has changed with the Boise Things Network Community! We successfully turned all towers to The Things Network V3 AKA the things stack, The towers on Chinden were moved to Franklin, and three new towers were added to the Boise Area!

With the changes made it would be a good plan to map out coverage of The Things Stack in our area. Thankfully, there is an open-source tool for both mapping coverage and for displaying it, enter TTN Mapper.

TTN Mapper works with either a GPS packet going to the things stack backend, or by pairing any LoRa Device that can send a signal to The Things Stack with a cellphone app that sends the GPS data. The mapping currently done was using an Arduino MKRWan 1310 with the phone app.

If anyone wants someone else to do some mappings leave a comment and we'll see if we can schedule a drive by.

With Great Enthusiasm,

Michael Travis