Expansion & Growth of The BE&C Community


The Things Network User

Posted on 22-11-2018

After a short pause whilst we 'just got on with things' it's worth reflecting on the success and expansion of the current community deployments over the summer and autumn period.

I'm delighted to see we are now within striking distance of achieving 'Official' TTN status with new contributors joining - Welcome Tony, Paul, Andrew, Ben & Peter....there are many other active end users - but not yet signed up as contributors - who are starting to derive benefit from our GW & sensor deployment efforts.

Its great to see that we are now consistently at >10 active GW's at any given time with typically between 8 & 12 online out of the around 15 that have been tested and deployed in our region in recent months.

We have expanded well to the East with GW's in Gerrards Cross & The Chalfonts, Pop-up Gateways around Farnham/Burnham Beeches and as far as Slough to the S.East and we are now looking good for the permanent deployments to the West/N.West following last years tests along the River Thames past Marlow as far as Medmenham & Mill End, and potentially to Henley as well as to the N.West around Stokenchurch out as far as Aston Rowant and the M40 Jn6. There are even hints of expansion well iinto the Chiltern Hills AONB to the North as far as Wendover and close to Princes Risborough!....Watch this space for updates on GW sites.

Surveying have continued and results should be posted in coming days and weeks once data is analysed and written up....coverage should also be helped with the repositioning of the Cookham Antenna conducted in just the last couple of days. Improvements to some of the Flackwell Heath deployments have extended reach to around Handy Cross/M40 Jn4 and to areas North of Marlow and around Booker close to the Wycombe Airfield as seen in the picture....again look for updates in the coming days and weeks.....