Meet the Bucharest Team


It's better to be the first. This way you can become the best

Posted on 05-04-2016

The Things Network Bucharest initiative has met its first goal: the creation of a core community. Yepee!
Here is the crew:
Mihai MICULESCU- Bucharest TTN Team Coordinator
Sorin VILCU- Marketing & PR Coordinator
Adrian LITA- Senior Hardware Developer
Emil CARLAN- Senior Software Developer
Silviu PANAITE- Software Developer
Florin DRAJNEANU- Software Developer
Iulian NITA- Business Development Manager
More members are joining!
Next on the roadmap: getting the first 2 (two) gateways online.
Bucharest has a lot of areas full of rather tall buildings. Many are 9-storey (or more) high, built of reinforced concrete. The metal meshes within the walls could affect seriously the signal propagation.
So, for now we need to experiment a bit, to see how the gateways behave in such an environment.
How many gateways are needed to get full coverage of the city?
The first active gateways will help answer this questions.
So, these first gateways will be DIY ones, as shown on GitHub.

The components have arrived, fire-up time coming soon!