The Things Network in Argentina

Bruno Rovagnati

Initiator for Buenos Aires

Posted on 30-09-2015

As technologist enthusiasts we are always looking for what to do next with things. IoT its revolutionizing the way we interact with anything, with everything, but it still has certain limitations. One of it, is connectivity. Wifi, 3G/4G, Radio, all of them work, but with big tradeoffs. Distance, Cost, amount of devices… LoRa appeared some time ago to fill that gap. Specially for all those small devices that need low bandwidth/Low energy connectivity. By creating a WAN stack using LoRa we want to provide connectivity to all those devices around Argentina, starting with Buenos Aires. We want to create an open and collaborative network that will allow all us us to keep innovating around technology by removing all possible constraints. That’s why we joined The Things Network. The initial step is to educate, to create a community around LoRa. We need to understand the potential. But we can’t learn without testing. So we are already working to get the firsts gateways and modules to test the capabilities. We want to understand the potential, the energy consumption, the range, the bandwidth, the integration with current developments. We want to play! The rest, it’s up to you!
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