Glad to make it official!

Eric Hall

The Things Network User

Posted on 22-02-2021

Burlington is a small city (but the largest) in Vermont, USA. It is nestled on the eastern shore of Lake Champlain, and is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live in America. The University of Vermont Rubenstein Laboratory is at the center of ongoing efforts to study many aspects of this invaluable aquatic resource. Last year we were able to install a Multitech IP67 gateway on the lab roof. Traditional remote sensing backhaul for lake research has been primarily cellular. LoRaWAN offers a much more cost effective solution. In addition to lake research, several proof of concept projects have utlized our TTN network. Some of these use cases can be found here.

Interest has grown from both the public and private sector in expanding to include more of Burlington. Becoming a member community of TTN is part of increasing awareness both locally and regionally. What started as a box of hardware from a defunct effort to establish a similar network in 2016, has now become an entity that brings together a passionate group of researchers and technologists with a shared goal of improving our quality of life in and around the lake. With the help of private grant and sponsor funding, we've brought it to this point. We're excited to continue to grow our coverage area and democratize participation is lake research, water cleanup efforts, and other remote sensing applications through citizen science programs and community outreach.

Stay tuned for more!