Cairn City - First community gateway opens

Matthew Ritchie


Posted on 26-03-2017

TAFE North have consistantly demonstrated support to the community and entrepreunures, by facilitating the aquirement of skills and knowledge in new technologies. Fittingly, Cairns first TTN gateway is located with many Cairns first's;
- First - Community radio station [ Cairns FM 89.1 ],
- First - Entreprenuial & Startup facilitators [ Emerging Entreprenures ] ,
- First - Shared office workspace [ theSPACE ],
- First - Community Makerspace [ ],
- First - IoT Company [IoT Australasia Pty Ltd ].

All the Cairns firsts lumped together, pioneers in their area. Giving Cairns citizens, students, and industries help to adapt, adopt, and excel.

On the road to become the Northern Lights of Australia.