TTN Uno for Soil Moisture

Colin Forsyth

The Things Network User

Posted on 04-09-2020

Back in Jan of 2020 I was fortunate to be able to head out to Amsterdam and attend the LoRa Alliance and The Things Network conferences. It was a great opportunity to see where the technology is going and meet people from around the world who are working with LoRa to solve an incredibly wide range of problems. It is finally starting to grow beyond a hobbyist level and we are seeing an increasing number of robust industrial products that are not locked into a vendor’s proprietary equipment or SAAS solutions.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting some stories of how I have been using my TTN account for both personal and work-related projects. I hope some members of our local TTN community will do the same. The picture in this post was a simple project I did at home using an Arduino TTN Uno and a $2.50 soil moisture sensor. Now when the soil gets too dry, my son gets an email reminder to go and water the plants. I’ll leave it to him to figure out how to use that email to setup an automatic watering system 😊