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<a name="learn-more" style="border: 0; padding: 0; margin: 0;"></a>Let's build an open, free and community-owned IoT data network for Canterbury!

The plan is to build and install a gateway so we can start testing, if you're interested in collaborating do get in touch, the more the merrier! I live just out of Timaru, NZ, part of my work is with farmers in the wider Canterbury area doin…

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The Core Team of Canterbury consists of:


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27 Dec
I just used Paywave at The Warehouse for $499 with no PIN. That's curious.
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19 May
NZ COVID Tracer app should be open source.
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11 Feb
Such service from @ASBBank Insurance. Call wondering why nothing is happening on a claim after 10 days, "Well actua…
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25 Sep
[toml] [toml.hurts] [[my.brain]]
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10 Sep
Hey @ausfintech you're aiming to be an industry voice right? Do you have a policy on your members sending spam? I'…

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