Welcome becz to the Christchurch Community

Saul Leckey

The Things Network User

Posted on 11-12-2018

Welcome becz to the Christchurch Community, thanks for joining, any questions you know who to ask.

Thanks Andre for gathering the numbers.

It appears that to fully UNLEASH, we need to arrange a meeting and post the link.
It is suggested to use the https://www.meetup.com/ website to do this, but this costs money and I suspect that any media that can provide a link will suffice.

If anyone is available to arrange an informal catchup, something that has a link, let us know. Either Dean or I can post the link details which will allow us to complete the UNLEASH procedure.

It would be great to have a quick catchup after work sometime before Christmas, get to know each other and find out what each of us do.

Thanks to everyone for getting us to this point, on the home straight now!