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Damon Ramsey

Damon Ramsey

Posted on 12-07-2018

Welcome to TheThingsNetwork Cleveland Community! Things (npi) are just getting off the ground and we have several resources and methods of communication for our new community. As people join, we will work together to get community goals, tasks and needs aligned.

TTN Community



Twitter @TTN_Cleveland


admin email
Google Drive

Note: Please keep in mind that different online resources require different formats in names and links. Please take care on the symbol used (above): . vs - vs _

Again, welcome and thank you for being here. Feel free to contact me directly, if not through the above resources. I am working on initial drafts of a community 'Mission Statement', 'Roadmap', and 'Action Plan' and welcome any and all input, feedback and participation. I like to think of myself more as a catalyst and a peer, so I will try to stay away from titles (since they can and will change).

Any and all donations of money (or cryptocurrency), hardware, resources and/or services is GREATLY appreciated, especially at this beginning stage. I try to keep things free and cheap, but some community resources DO cost money. Anything donated will become the property and resource of the COMMUNITY, rather than personal or individually owned. :)

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Damon D Ramsey aka n0mad

cell/text: (216) 659-7911
twitter: @n0mad_OH