TTN Cleveland Mission Statement, Roadmap & Task List (DRAFTS)

Damon Ramsey

Damon Ramsey

Posted on 14-07-2018

TheThingsNetwork Cleveland, OH Community
(DRAFTS by Damon D Ramsey aka n0mad_OH)

Mission Statement

  • To leverage the available TheThingsNetwork online resources to create, maintain and grow free, open and public LoRaWAN networks in the Cleveland, OH metropolitan area and NE Ohio,
  • To create a community of IoT and LoRa enthusiasts and supporters made of up individuals, organizations, businesses and local government users and sponsors.
  • To educate the public, businesses and governments on the availability, application and use of IoT technology to solve existing and future needs in the most economic and effective ways.


July 2018 - establish a tentative TTN Cleveland pre-community - COMPLETED 07.12.2018

August 2018 - meet TTN criteria for an official community - min. 2 gateways and min. 8 members

September 2018 - promote and advertise the existence of the Official TTN Cleveland Community to grow the community, identify users and solicit sponsorship and grants for device and network expansion

- Test and accumulate data from pre-existing nodes and gateways to show actual local cases (urban, suburban, rural; land, air, water): costs, power use, bandwidth use, communication ranges, data speeds, current & potential applications.
- Identify and solicit local individuals, organizations and businesses to host TTN LoRaWAN gateways to expand and overlap the network footprint in the area. (no cost power, 24/7 WAN access, indoor/outdoor gateway

2019 - (TBD)

Potential resources and events:

The Makers' Alliance, a local non-profit makerspace: education, participation, networking, GW hosting?

Sept. 28-30, 2018: IngenuityFest 2018, a local arts, culture and technology event: table?, demo?, presentation?, sponsorship?, grant?

Nov. 3, 2018: Cleveland Mini Maker Faire 2018: table?, demo?, presentation?, networking, promotion

Potential partnerships, sponsors and grants: Spectrum, AT&T, FirstEnergy, Lincoln Electric, City of Cleveland, Cuyahoga County, Cleveland Public Library/CLEVNET, environmental groups/orgs, renewable energy proponents, universities/colleges,

Task List

  • Apply for community initiation with TTN- Damon - completed 7.11.18
  • Personalize TTN Cleveland community pages - Damon - completed 7.12.18
  • Create free online resources for the community - Damon - gmail, Slack, Twitter completed 7.13.18 (Meetup? FB? LinkIn ref? Telegram?)
  • Solicit and invite new community members - ALL (inclusion of amateur licensed members exp. with antennas and propagation?)
  • Purchase and install min. 2 gateways - Damon - exp. early August (1-chan Dragino LG01? 2-chan LG02? 8-chan TTN or other?)
  • Acquire and activate sensors/nodes and place in range of active gateway(s) - ALL - (Damon = 2-3 Arduino-based; TTN/Dragino?)
  • Analyze gateway & antenna needs based on location. Create a "gateway planning process" for install - Damon and others
    • location/3rd party hosting (incl waiver of liability)? personal/home location of members likely. (Metroparks w/ LOS along Lake?)
    • gateway placement: indoor/outdoor?
    • gateway type: single, dual, 8-channel?
    • outdoor antenna placement & coax: type (gain), height possible, secure installation?
    • testing on reception. Loaner/rent antenna analyzer? (900MHz band capable)
    • document uptime, reception, data speeds, any problems for sharing and applying to other installs
  • Develop form letter/email with information to solicit sponsors, grants and support: purpose, needs and public benefit - Damon
  • Put together information to solicit Gateway location hosts - Damon
  • Purchase, build and install additional gateways - ALL
  • Purchase, build and install additional sensors and nodes - ALL
  • Promote and solicit participation in the community - ALL
  • Community Website?
  • FCC amateur licensing for additional Tx power? - Damon (Technical - 12/18, General 6/19 planned)

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