The Awakening! TTN Copenhagen Meetup 18. Nov 2021

Sebastian Büttrich

physicist turned wireless networker, free technologist, solar, wind and hydro energist, biker, noisemaker, wordlover /// ITU.DK & NSRC.ORG & Based in DK, assisting TTN other places

Posted on 01-11-2021

the time has finally come where we can meet up in real life again -
(fingers crossed it will stay that way ..)

and we are now calling for a meetup

  1. November 14.00 @ AIRLab ITU

read more and sign up:

We are aware that it is soon,
we decided to have one in November so we are still in time for
last minute v2-v3 migration help,

and as always we are open to all your wishes and contributions to the agenda.

and of course, you are very welcome to spread this invitation to whoever might be interested -