New partner! Nimbus Centre

Manuel Caballero

The Things Network User

Posted on 10-04-2019

Hey listen up!

A new partner has joined Cork community, let's congratulate: Nimbus Center!

-- Nimbus Centre is at the forefront of Cyber-Physical Systems and Internet of Things research. Cyber-Physical Systems use sensors, electronics, computing and communication to link the physical world and the people in it, with the cyber world of the Internet. Cyber-Physical Systems power the Internet of Things, Industrial Automation and Robotics, Autonomous Vehicles, Green Energy, e-Health and many other of today’s smart applications. Our research is forming new possibilities, capable of improving the world we live in. --

Nimbus Centre will support us supplying gateways and all its wonderful and powerful team of experts regarding LoRaWAN technology and services!

Lovely to have you aboard!

Happy LoRaWANing! ;)