Monthly meetup on April 6th, 2017 at UT Dallas, Synergy Park North Building, Room SPN 1.121

Roman Staszewski

Versatile hardware platform for Industrial IoT Sensors

Posted on 04-04-2017

TTN (as any other LoRaWAN network service) provides secure, end-to-end authentication and communication.
The security keys and other settings have to be programmed into a device and the network server before the device can stream data to a cloud application. This process is called provisioning.
Roman will walk through the concepts and show how a device gets provisioned. Both device firmware and network server dashboard examples will be covered.
Once you learn how to do this for TTN, you'll also understand how to do provisioning for other LoRaWAN commercial networks.

In the second part of the meeting Marta will do a step-by-step demonstration towards a LoRaWan solution: sensor data acquisition on a LoRa device; point-to-point LoRa transfer to a WiFi enabled "master"; data upload to a web server. Links to various devices and online tutorials will be included.

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