TheThingsNetwork Detroit is born! (well, rebooted actually)

Jose Cruz

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Posted on 19-08-2019

We at réd have been debating for months now whether to have a completely different Twitter account and 'entity' for the Things Network Detroit separate from réd. After all, it makes perfect sense as for réd they're one and the same, but for all others it is not. For this reason we have (finally) created TheThingsNetwork Detroit's own :

Twitter account : @things_detroit
Outlook Email :

Of course José from réd will be managing both (somehow I'll figure a way to 'juggle' réd's and TTNDetroit's e-mail/social platforms all at the same time!) for now until we grow and someone else 'steps up' to the task!

Speaking of which, much has been happening behind 'doors' on both fronts: réd's and TTND. We haven't been able to 'grow' and expand TTND because of funding/interest (lack of), but we're still knocking on many different doors downtown and in the suburbs and one just 'opened' recently. Don't want to 'spill the beans' just yet, as everything is very preliminary, but we'll be making an announcement soon as we've 'secured' a private entity 'willing' to help us 'further the cause' on both fronts: public and private. réd has a full on commitment with TheThingsNetwork on both of those fronts, but without funding is next to impossible. Yet, since the public side is a 'crowdfunded' model, we'll be preparing a 'gathering' soon to help spread the word - especially now that TTND has its own social 'presence'.

We'll make sure we publish any/all upcoming events thru meetup, e-mail, Twitter, TTN etc to make sure we get the word properly out. In the meantime, if you have any questions please feel free (now that we have an e-mail account) to submit : or Twitter @things_detroit

Keep LPWANing!

TTND Core Team
Detroit, MI