We are really getting started at TTN Drechtsteden

Arie Kleingeld


Posted on 04-03-2020

Coming from Morse Code on short wave, moving to data-stuff via LoRa is a small step (?).
I'm catching up watching youtube videos and reading pdf's by the dozen. Wisdom will come eventually.

My friends at the Dordrecht Radio Club (hamradio enthousiasts) started a community and we are growing quickly now. Let's hope that we will become a community that counts.

I already seem to have some LoRa antennas. They came with an SDR device (Adalm Pluto). The SWR seems OK for EU-frequencies so those will be my first antennas for my gateway and first node, which will probably be an 'air-sniffer' to detect pollution, etc.

That's it for now. Question to the forum: what are the best antennas (bit stealthy but still a good range) for mobile nodes?

Kind regards (73)