Building Gateways...

Garry Keogh

The Things Network User

Posted on 18-08-2017

Good morning all!
I am ordering parts to put a couple of gateways together for testing. For one gateway I will go the tried and trusted Pi + ic880A and will use one of Charles Hallard's interface boards which can carry a buck converter or this board with built in dc-dc allowing home made PoE to my installation on the roof of the house. The first board is available in batches of four pieces so I may have a couple for sale at about €10 each, if anybody is interested.
I will also build a gateway based on the RAK831 concentrator board which should work just the same. There appears to be a few interface boards in dvelopment for this too so I will offer any surplus here too if I have to buy a batch.

Anybody else trying the RAK board? RAK seem to be driving the price of gateways down (relative to the ic880A) so I guess these may be more common in proprietary gear soon. I am based near Greystones in Wicklow if anybody is interested in cooperating or sharing experience? I may also put a gateway close to Killiney beach on a roof top again and would like to see coverage either side of Bray and inland towards the south Dublin suburbs if anybody is in this area with nodes to test?

More here as it happens...