Launching TTN EC, Meetup, Gateway & Bridge Update

Ryan Walmsley

Ryan Walmsley

Posted on 06-06-2018

A mix of updates in this blogpost:

Meetup on the 18th of July

The meetup is still on track for the 18th of July! At the same time we'll be "launching" the network by making it official. Come along to learn about the network, potential use cases and demos. Please be sure to book a ticket at , tickets are free but help us know how many people are due!

Gateway Update

Just an update, the hardware in both current gateways are going to be upgraded soon and bringing the one in Yarmouth Town Centre back up.

We'd like to also hopefully work on organising on funding and getting a third setup for either Lowestoft or Mid Yarmouth.

TTN Bridge

I've setup our own TTN Bridge which members can use, there's no major benefit however recently the TTN EU Router has been going down quite a bit where as because there would be less traffic going through our own it should be more reliable. The server is based with Digitalocean in London. If you wish to use it set your gateway's server to

Thats all for now!