24th September Eindhoven Internet of Things meetup Kickoff

Lorna Goulden

Initiator TTN Eindhoven

Posted on 02-10-2015

24th September and The Things Network ball started rolling at the Designhuis in Eindhoven! A great turn-out of Internet of Things enthusiasts heard from Hans Crijns about the meetup activities he organises in Amsterdam and Wienke Giezeman shared his mission and the path to setting up the Amsterdam Things Network . A lively discussion confirmed a high level of interest in all things IoT, getting actively involved in not just the technical aspects, but the making, hacking and most definitely discovering valuable and innovative applications. Increasing accessibility for the local community and aspects such as privacy and security are also top of the list. A core of super enthusiastic people indicated commitment to instal the Eindhoven TTN - the first two gateways due to be connected on October 10th.