Today, Frankfurt reached 10km node distance

Lothar Behrens

I am a software developer

Posted on 30-04-2017

Hello, I am new to the frankfurt group and like to contribute my ttn mapping efford of today. Walking against Steinbach, I reached a node distance of 10km. Using a LoPy node, a simple powerbank and my iPhone 4S, a walk of about two hours gave the results you can see in the picture.

Now I have put my node back to send every 10 minutes again to stop polluting the network. Based on my calculations, I should not reach my 30 minutes eartime on this day based on

0,0822 * 60 * 2 + 0,0822 * 6 * 22 = 20,7144 :-)

In the next weeks, I'll try to setup my single channel gateway to outside and hopefully higher as the house I am living (if permitted) at the third floor. What I need to do is installing a solar panel that is weather proof and my WLAN near the installation. Given these steps, I'll hopefully increase the reach to the other side of my house.

The reach of Frankfurt is a nice milestone.


Lothar Behrens