Smart School Lab and Participatory Citizenship : The potential of the Internet of Things

Manuel Santos

The Things Network User

Posted on 20-03-2021

Hi, name is Manuel Santos, I'm a PhD student at Aveiro University. My thesis title is “The potential o the Internet o Things to promote participatory citizenship”.
The study is divided into two phases, and the first challenge arose during phase one, namely, the construction of the community of users. And to make it possible, we promoted several workshops at Gafanha da Nazaré with the aim to build an intelligent educative community involving teachers, students, local actors, parish council and city council. One challenge springs from the need to create an IoT LoRa Gateway communication network which will allow live data availability. The first step was the creation of the IoT community in The Things Network, but the support to the acquisition and installation of the Gateways.
The aim is towards engaging students in environmental issues and improving their participatory citizenship. To do so, Citizen Science Strategies were developed within the Teachers Training Course, particularly: Collect georeferenced data; and Build georeferenced narratives.
Manuel Santos