Volunteers Needed for The Things Network Gainesville!

David Nordstedt

Building IoT

Posted on 19-06-2017

Ok, it could get a bit messy like my desk is at the moment (see picture below with my LoPy devices). We will need a lot of different kinds of people to work on the project, but everyone should feel like they can work as much or as little as they want to. The important thing is to make progress and finish the items we commit to doing the best we can. To get started all we really need is someone to purchase a gateway and connect it to the internet. After that we'll want to start working on some devices and applications to show off some good use cases and get more people interested. After that, we should be working on covering all of Gainesville and the surrounding areas witih LoRaWAN!

Here's a list of the different skill sets we need. Feel free to choose your own title :-)

Embedded Software
UI Design
Web Developer
Social Media
Business Development
Community Manager

If any of this interests you, sign up and/or contact me for more information!