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City of Greater Geelong

Welcome to Geelong

Posted on 05-05-2021

Geelong residents have enjoyed a crash-course in sensor design and insight into the diversity of IoT applications across industries and sectors. The workshop, offered during Geelong Design Week 2021, included how the City is utilising smart sensors to better manage assets, understand pedestrian patterns and design better community services and spaces.

To support the uptake of IoT across Greater Geelong, the City has deployed LoRaWAN (low-power wide-area network) gateways which provide connectivity across the entire region. This means anyone can leverage from the City’s established smart infrastructure via The Things Network Geelong, at no cost. It’s another way the City of Greater Geelong is encouraging new technologies, solutions and innovative ideas.

The next workshop in June-July 2021 will kick-off a quest to capture localised weather data. This will rely on smart citizens to host and deploy sensors throughout the city and suburbs. Community members of all ages and technological abilities are encouraged to participate. To register your interest, email