Low Cost LoRaWan nodes with Arduino and Aliexpress RF96 modules

Steve Dalton

The Things Network User

Posted on 09-12-2016

Skip and Steve at secluded.io now have low-cost Arduino nodes working using some of our old 3.3V Arduino boards and the cheap (~$10AU) RF95 modules you can find on Aliexpress. To build one you will need a 3.3V Arduino with plenty of spare pins and a LoRa module (these are the modules we are currently using).

We also had to make a number of changes to the arduino lmic library - so feel free to use our fork that is all setup for TTN Australia and works with our Gold Coast Gateways (only tested with OTAA at the moment).

In the New Year we are hoping to have some ready to go Arduino kits for Gold Coast hackers to get started easily with the network.