Our First Gold Coast Gateway

Grant Faber

Sharing IoT ideas and solutions

Posted on 12-09-2016

Our first Multitech Conduit Gateway and developer kit will be arriving later this week. Before we roll it out there are a couple of things that need to be sorted out.

Firstly, I'll have the gateway with our engineers to see whether we can build a cost effective outdoor enclosure that has integrated solar and battery storage. Making the gateway fully standalone and off grid will be a big win.

Secondly, we need to decide where to deploy it - and this is where I need help. My initial thinking is somewhere central, such as the Southport or Broadbeach precincts. Access to a tall building would help tremendously. Initially the gateway will be powered up and configured on the northern end of the Coast, though this will be during setup and testing.

We're also looking for local educational institutions to collaborate with, so if your uni or college has an IT or Engineering department with an interest in IoT please get in touch with us.