UHH & Lobaro install new Gateway on top of Geomatikum (85m)


Fullstack Industrial IoT Solutions (Sensors, Backend, Frontend)

Posted on 13-06-2017

Together with geologists from the University of Hamburg, Lobaro was able to install a DIY gateway based on Raspberry PI on the roof of the 85m high "Geomatikum".

The gateway was primarily designed to collect sensor values from Lobaro fine dust sensors. These are analyzed in a current scientific work of the university. Of course, any other LoRaWAN sensor can also be connected to the "TheThingsNetwork" via this high antenna.

<a href="https://ibb.co/n2SGF5"><img src="https://thumb.ibb.co/n2SGF5/3.jpg" alt="3" border="0"></a>

<a href="https://ibb.co/c9TZ2k"><img src="https://thumb.ibb.co/c9TZ2k/1.jpg" alt="1" border="0"></a>