MicroPython / LoRa workshop in August

Scott Bragg

Never enough side projects.

Posted on 23-07-2017

Hi everyone,

Hobart Makers have been wanting to organise a small beginners workshop that will focus on LoRa radios and a MicroPython based microcontroller and we will have this workshop on August 17th from 6:30pm-9pm at the Hobart Makers HQ in Newtown. We will have a kit of microcontroller and a few sensors and we will focus on getting your kit connected to The Things Network to start collecting data.

Information and registration can be found here: https://hobartmakers.com/scienceweek/

Let me know if you have any questions, and I hope this is the first of many Hobart based community events for TTN.

As an aside, I'm looking to write the odd chat bot that can interact with my TTN connected devices, and so I have created a chat room on the Matrix network. You can join the room here: https://riot.im/app/#/room/#ttn_hobart:matrix.org if you'd like to drop in to chat about LoRa or TTN or microcontrollers or whatnot.

Scott Bragg