The Things Network - Houston; Shirts are here!

Travis Teague

The Things Network User

Posted on 28-09-2017

Hey, folks!
We now have The Things Network - Houston T-Shirts available! These are done through Merch on Amazon, so we don't have any overhead or costs for stocking product.
Everyone is able to order what they need directly through the link below.

They are available in five fabulous colors and have the Manifesto in entirety on the back. (much like PHRACK and others in the olden days).
At $19.99 per shirt, we get ~$3.19 which will go toward the purchase of additional gateways. (hey, every cent counts, and this is a great opportunity to help spread education about our initiative!)

So, get out there and help represent TTN in Houston!
The Things Network - Houston T-Shirts